AU STILL barring Anthony Randolph from working — take further action now!

We delivered almost 500 signatures gathered in less than a week demanding Anthony’s Randolph’s return to campus.

Still, we have received no response from the University. It’s time to raise our voices louder.

Please take any one of following actions:

Tweet: @AmericanU or @SylviaBurwell
Shame on @AmericanU for barring longtime service worker Anthony Randolph. As a [student/alum] I demand President @SylviaBurwell take action – bring Anthony back now!

Call: President Sylvia Burwell: 202-885-2121
or Charles Smith of Auxiliary Services: 202-885-2762

“As a [student/alum] I am outraged to learn that long-time member of the AU community Anthony Randolph is still not permitted to work on campus. When will you reverse the ban and bring him back to work?”


  • Anthony Randolph has been a food service worker on campus for over 17 years. He’s a valued employee, and a recognized elected leader in his Union.
  • He has been prohibited from working on campus without warning and based on the accusations of one individual parking officer. Unpaid parking tickets were also part of the complaint – all parking tickets have now all been paid off!
  • Anthony is a father and a grandfather; this decision robs him of a livelihood, and prevents him from being able to provide for his family.

In Solidarity,