Fighting for Real Jobs, Social Justice and Sustainable Communities

From Texas to D.C., Building Progressive Alliances

From collaborating with partners in the progressive movement for the rights of immigrant workers, joining with food justice and sustainability organizations on campaigns in Washington DC, to supporting LGBTQ rights, Local  23 is  part of a broad-based movement for social and environmental justice.

Growth and Power

Local 23 was founded in September 2009 to represent approximately 4,000 UNITE HERE airport workers in 10 cities across the country. Over the past few years workers have organized with Local 23, growing the membership to approximately 20,000 workers dedicated to improving their lives, their communities and their workplaces. From food service workers at universities and museums, to  airport concessions, hotel and parking attendants, Local 23 members are active in DC, Atlanta, Biloxi, Charlotte, Columbus, Indianapolis, Denver, New Orleans, Texas, Tunica, Oklahoma, Utah, and New Mexico.

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