Our power as a union comes from organized people and organized money!  For the past eighteen months, Local 23 members and airport workers kept the

Members on the Fed Up tour stopped in DC to rally and let airlines know that they are Fed Up!

pressure on the politicians who appoint the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority.  Our efforts paid off – we won a wage law that will affect thousands of food service and airlines contractors at Reagan National and Dulles Airports.

Now more than ever we need elected leaders who will back us up.  TIP is UNITE HERE’s voluntary political fund that, unlike our membership dues, we can use to support political campaigns. Our TIP contributions let us run campaigns to put people in office who will back up working people.  Local 23 has a bold vision for change in each of our cities and states.

Now let’s make it happen!  $1 per week from each of your coworkers can give us a fund to elect people who will have our back when we need it.  Click HERE to sign up for TIP.